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The most common Cause of Foot Pain 

Your foot is hurting and you find it very difficult to walk in the morning? The pain is always greater after prolonged physical activities? Chances are that you are suffering from plantar fasciitis. The pain which is normally caused because of inflammation of the plantar fascia tissue normally occurs in the heel, near the lower part of the foot. If indeed, you are suffering from an inflamed plantar fascia, you are not alone in your suffering. Each year almost 2 million people come to doctors to be treated for the condition. 


The plantar fascia is a connective tissue that connects the heel with the toes. The tissue provides support to the arch of the foot. The tissue is designed so that it has the ability to bear a lot of strain. However, if the strain placed on the tissue is more than what it can experience, then the tissue gets damaged. It is the natural response of our body to inflame the tissue in case of damage. The inflamed tissue is the cause of the pain in the heel and the adjoining areas.


Those suffering from plantar fasciitis face extreme difficulty while taking the first few steps in the morning. The reason for the difficulty in the morning is the fact that all of us sleep with our feet pointing downwards and the plantar fascia tissue relaxed. The relaxed tissue gives more pain when we stretch it in the morning after a long gap.


Though, the condition is minor and can be treated easily if you go to a physician early, it can complicate if not taken care of. So if you are facing pain in your foot, then it is best that you come to us because we are the specialists in FOOT HEALTH.


What Will We Do?

We at Spread The Love Health Clinic are experts in dealing with issues related to your foot and your plantar fasciitis is nothing to worry about. There are many measures which can be opted to reduce and eliminate the pain from your foot. The measure to be opted depends upon the condition of the foot and the severity of the pain. 


In most cases, if you have come to us early, then simply taking NSAIDs (Non Steroid Anti Inflammatory Drugs) will relieve you of your pain! In addition to taking drugs, resting is also a treatment that we might mention. 

Exercise and using ice on the foot affected by an inflamed tissue is also an option to treat the issue. We have physiotherapist experts who have treated many patients with the problem and they will properly guide you with specific exercises that you can either do yourself or under the observation of a trained medical person. In conjunction with ice, our physicians may advice using ice on the affected area as it reduces inflammation!


Support material including insoles, shoes inserts and heel pads are also a solution we normally provide to our patients suffering from an inflamed tissue. The insoles and orthotics ensure that when the heel is placed on the ground, the resulting stress is cushioned resulting in less damage to the tissue!


Hopefully, you would not sit longer on your plantar fasciitis and would come to us as soon as possible! This would ensure that you would not have to take injections or worse any surgical treatment, but we even have expertise in that as well. It is better not to waste time and consult us as soon as possible!



We care for our patients and they know how much importance we give them! Just read the comments they have given about us.

Jenson B. Carl

Walking and doing other activities was becoming very difficult for me. I thought I was going to become bed ridden, but the staff at the Spread The Love Health Clinic knows how to do their job and my recovery happened so quickly I couldn’t believe it!

Caroline S. Mick

My job involves a lot of walking, but my foot ached a lot whenever I had to walk. I thought, I would have to leave my job before I got to know about the clinic. The staff in the clinic is absolute supporting, thanks to them I can walk and run like I used to before!

Lynda T. Jerry

Thanks to the staff at the clinic, I can now get on to my feet without having to feel pain. I thought I would never be able to walk pain free again. The clinic is great and they really take great care of their patients!